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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    the bearded trevor's Hall of Fame of bearded old school church leaders....

    I have a big interest in the Reformation era through the period of the Great Awaking. As I have read and studied I have come to appreciate the bearded styles of many of the church leaders in these eras. I will of course follow this post up with the baby faced guys from this era with "the bearded trevor's Hall of Shame of baby faced old school church leaders." Enjoy!

    I know that Augustine of Hippo is not from the time eras stated, but he is kind of in a world of his own in the 300 and 400's A.D.

    John Wycliffe

    I could only find a pic of Jan Hus being burned at the stake.

    William Tyndale

    John Calvin

    John Knox

    John Foxe
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