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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    the bearded trevor's Exhilaration of the Sudden Drop in Gas Prices.....

    Since gas dropped below $2.00 per gallon a few weeks back, I have been chronicling the drop in gas prices with the camera on my cell phone. The recent drop in gas prices has been very welcome since I drive a '95 Ford F-350 with a beastly 486 under the hood. Al Gore and most of the actors in Hollywood would be appalled. That makes me happy. Between my wife and I, it is estimated that we are spending $150-$200 less per month in gas. Oil is $53.04 per barrel as of today. It is being said it could go as low as $40. I know the price will eventually go back up. Enjoy it while you can.

    We now have gas for $1.75. I will snap that shot off in the next few days, then I will post it.
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