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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Drive 2009 - Day One..................

    Day One consisted of session 1 with Andy Stanley. Most of my blogging will be done with pictures. Why summarize my notes when I can take a picture and post it? Drive '08 was awesome and session 1 of '09 was no different.

    I am sorry if it takes a while to load. I am not in a position to be able to edit and downsize the filesize of my pictures at the hotel.

    The stage.

    A DJ is set up in the main room. They did some funny skits and intereaction for entertainment while we were waiting for the session to start.

    Three pages of notes. Click on the pic to see them in a readable size. A very timely and important message.

    Andy's Dad, Charles Stanley was there. I love baseball and good preachers. I have begun getting signatures on baseballs. Yes, I could have them sign a book, but a baseball is so much cooler. I have another one for Andy. My Mark Driscoll baseball will have a couple friends when I get home.

    Charles and Ed Grant, one of the men I am attending the conference with.
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