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    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    When something cool becomes even cooler.....

    Yes, this happened to my bass two hours before a show. I had purchased some strap locks for this particular guitar. Strap locks, in case you are oblivious, lock your strap to your instrument so it cannot come of while you are playing. If you like to move around and jump a lot, these are a must. There is also a certain stage trick that strap locks contribute to your success rate significantly. If you have been to a rock show, you may have seen a guitar player throw their instrument around their body. Cool stuff. This picture is the result of doing this trick and your new strap locks failing all on a hard floor. It is a good thing this was a cheap bass. It is holding me over until I can buy a real nice one.

    The pictures in the previous post of me playing bass are with this bass, post hard floor explosion. Yes, ladies and gents, I fixed it. Good wood glue with a bunch of clamps work wonders.
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