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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    My first show......

    I want to share some pictures from my first show playing for the Jason McPhail Band at The Tree in Claremore, OK.

    Yes, that is Godzilla and Mech Godzilla on my amp.

    Living Life........

    One month of 2009 is almost in the sack. I hope everyone has been making and pursuing their goals thus far is 2009. I sit down and write out goals every year. Do I actually achieve all of them? No. But, every year I do achieve a higher percentage than the previous year. I am better learning how to set my goals and I am getting better at meeting them. Here is a sample from this years list:

    - Read 50 pages per day.
    - Read the Bible in chronological order.
    - Publish something (it does not matter what, just get something in print).
    - Do a Triathlon.
    - Workout three times a week.
    - Attend at least two conferences/seminars.
    - Solve the Rubik's Cube.

    I have more, but I will not bore you with them. How am I doing? OK so far. I am behind in the reading, but I still read much more than the average person. I have been working out, which will help me with that Triathlon.

    Many know that I am a musician. My opportunities in this area have greatly expanded in recent weeks. I was asked to play bass guitar for Jason McPhail. Check out his MySpace. We have an active show schedule. Come check us out.

    Thanks for stopping in. Go Arizona Cardinals!!!
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